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Sync birthdays between your google

Sync Birthdays Between Your Google Account and Your Android Native Calendar App

While the sync between my HTC Magic (running Android Eclair - 2.1) and my Google Mail account works as expected, by default I was missing my contacts' birthdays information. To fix this somewhat-lack-of-default-support annoyance, I had to:

  1. Go to my Google Calendar Settings
  2. Browse interesting calendars
  3. Select the More tab
  4. Subscribe to Contacts' birthdays and events
  5. Sync mobile handheld with Google Mail account

Although this does what I wanted, I'm still looking to enable automatic reminders for birthdays. If anyone's got any tips to easily enable that in the native calendar app, shoot me an e-mail. Thanks.

Published on Jan. 8, 2011

Last update: April 12, 2024